About NATP

The NATP is a multi-agency project. The project comprises four components. These are: (a) Agricultural Research Support, (b) Agricultural Extension Support, (c) Supply Chains Development and (d) Project Management and Coordination. The scope of NATP covers research, extension and supply chain development in all sub-sectors of agriculture (crops, fisheries and livestock).

The Research component comprises three sub components: i) Competitive Grants Program (CGP) ii) Sponsored Public Goods Research (SPGR) and iii) Enhancement of Research Institutional Efficiency (ERIE). The CGP is executed by Krishi Gobeshona Foundation (KGF) and SPGR & ERIE is executed by BARC.

Budget of NATP-DAE

Objective of NATP

The overall objective of the longer term program (NATP in three phases over 15 years) is to support GOB's strategy to improve national agricultural productivity and farm income, with a particular focus on small and marginal farmers. The development objective of the phase 1 of the NATP is to improve effectiveness of the national agricultural technology system in Bangladesh.



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